[VIDEO] See How This Dad Was Beaten By Bullies For Trying To Rescue His Son

Shocking footage of a Dad who was violently beaten by a gang of kids after he tried to rescue his son from a school fight has emerged on social media.

The man is seen with a bloodied face as he’s surrendered by a group of angry teenage boys. While the Dad was being attacked, other kids stood there with their smartphones recording the scene while others tried to stop the assault.

With his face bloodied from the initial assault, one of the kids stood in front of the Dad and yelled”


“What now?” to which the father replies: “I thought they were jumping in on him. What would you do if it was your kid?”

After more shouting and expletives, a boy in a light blue t-shirt shoves the man and begins punching him.

Other kids immediately join in on the attack until a large gang were formed and they were all punching and kicking him while he was on the ground.
(UK Mirror)

See The Video Below

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