[VIDEO] ‘Pitch Invader Scores Last-Minute Equaliser And The Goal Stands

pitch invader

Football has seen many strange decisions and incidents but the case of a pitch invader running into the field of play and scoring a vital last minute equalizer is a rare scene.

This was the case on Sunday as Olimpia and Motagua, two of the biggest clubs in Hoduras, played out a very intense and entertaining match and after a goalless first half, Motagua scored two goals, and were leading 2-1.

Towards the 93rd minute, Olimpia (the home team) was attacking Motagua and their player managed to score a goal, at the same time a pitch invader ran into the field with another ball and kicked it into the net.

Shockingly the referee allowed the goal to stand despite protests and the match ended Olimpia 2-2 Motagua.

Watch the video below.

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