[PHOTOS] Catholic Priest And Islamic Cleric In Tearful Goodbye Embrace In Niger


In a photo that has gone viral, a Catholic priest, who served in a Government Secondary School in Minna, Niger State for 50 years and an Islamic cleric are pictured tearfully embracing each other

Father O’Connell, who turned 80 years old last week embraced Shaykh Ahmad Lemu as the priest prepares to return to Ireland.

Halima Bawa Bwari posted the photos on March 7th and wrote:

“The kind of embrace that is much needed especially in these days of insistent hate & dislike. Father O’Connell, a Catholic Priest, in a tearful farewell embrace with Shaykh Ahmad Lemu, an Islamic Cleric, in Minna.

Catholic priest and Islamic cleric 2

Father O’Connell has served in a Government Secondary School, Minna as a Principal for 50 years. He turned 80 earlier last week or so.

“He returns to Ireland on retirement. These 2 men have between themselves, educated, positively influenced and molded many Nigerlites, including my father & mother, among other close family & friends. May our lives be that of service & usefulness to others. Amin”

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