Otobo Sex Scandal: ‘We Have Proofs To Bring You Down’ – Festus Keyamo Chambers Tell Apostle Suleman


The Festus Keyamo Chambers has told the General Overseer of Omega Fire Ministries, Apostle Johnson Suleman that it has proofs of his alleged wrongdoings.

The law firm, in a press statement today, told the Apostle to prepare for war over allegations by Stephanie Otobo.

Among others, the law firm said today that not only does it have graphic proof of the pastor’s relationship with Ms. Otobo, but that other “unfortunate victims” of his have come forward and are also itching to tell their story, with proofs.

On Thursday evening, Apostle Johnson Suleman’s lawyer demanded that Mr. Keyamo, whose law firm is representing Ms. Otobo, retract all publications, apologize publicly to him, and pay him N1bn for alleged blackmail and injuries inflicted on him.

In the response, signed by two lawyers of the Keyamo Chambers, Uchenna B. Moneke and Oluwafemi O.N. Olabisi, the firm noted that Keyamo, its Head of Chambers, is not personally involved in the matter and has been in Abuja during the controversy, and that its formal response to the “ill-advised” letter by the pastor’s lawyers is on its way to him.

“Apart from an informal and friendly phone conversation Mr. Festus Keyamo had with a reporter in Punch Newspapers and one other blog about this matter, Mr. Keyamo has never personally signed or issued any letter or press release on this issue,” the statement said.

The law firm said it had the instruction of Ms. Otobo to ask Apostle Suleman the following questions:

“Whether it is the Hausa/Fulani herdsmen that instructed him to be paying millions into the account of our client who he calls a “stripper” all the way in Canada.

“Whether it is his special calling as a so-called “man of God” to be paying millions to strippers and prostitutes to leave their trade, when there are poor women and widows within his congregation in Nigeria that need help badly.

“Whether it is the Hausa/Fulani herdsmen that instructed him to be exchanging amorous text messages with a girl he calls “a stripper”. These text messages would all be investigated and revealed when full criminal investigations commence.

“Whether it is the Hausa/Fulani herdsmen that instructed him to be having Skype conversations with Miss Stephanie Otobo and to be requesting her to open her bare breasts to him.

“Whether it is the Hausa/Fulani herdsmen that told him to be exposing his private part to Miss Stephanie on Skype; which pictures are in our custody.

“We make bold to say that when criminal investigations commence, all these text messages and pictures would be subjected to serious forensic analysis, and the truth would be established,” the statement said.

“The hotels they slept in and the evidence of their meetings in and out of this country would be revealed. The pitiable excuse of “photoshop” has become a convenient escape route for all culprits caught on tape these days.”

“His problem is the little girl whom he thought he could easily take advantage of and destroy her life. Somehow, she has found the strength and the voice to fight back, and this is where we are now. Other unfortunate victims of this same self-proclaimed “Man of God” are also in touch with us now and are also itching to tell their story, with proofs.

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