[VIDEO] See The Scary Moment A Portuguese Referee Is Attacked With A Plank After Match


Luis Fonseca, referee of the Viseu Football Association, was attacked by a fan in the aftermath of last Sunday’s 1-1 clash between Vila Cha de Sa and Molelos.

The game, which saw hosts’ goalscorer Jorge handed a red card in the 94th minute, included officiating that left one fan incensed to the point of dragging Fonseca from his car following the game’s conclusion.

The ultra screamed ‘Gatuno!’ (thief) at the official, wielding a wooden plank as he issued his threats.

Since the incident, calls have been made to have a mandatory police presence in the lower leagues, which is currently not a requirement. In addition, former referee Duarte Gomes claims 36 referees have been assaulted in Portugal in the last 5 months.

Watch Video Below

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