Suicide On Third Mainland: “How I Almost Stopped The Doctor From Jumping’ – Eyewitness


Following the suicide of a doctor who jumped off the Third Mainland Bridge to his untimely death on Sunday, an Instagram user known as @bimmms24, who was directly behind the suicidal doctor, has given a first hand account of what happened.

@bimmms24 wrote “I witnessed the worst thing ever today!! The owner of this particular car jumped into the lagoon right in front of me!!! I saw him get out of his car, then jumped, I was directly behind him, I parked and ran as fast as my legs could carry me but it was too late…..


“I wish he had waited a little longer, I wish I was able to stop him, I wish I was about to hold his hands, I wish he could tell me what the problem was!!!!! Depression is real…… I couldn’t believe my eyes, I’m still in shock, I couldn’t control my tears. I ran after him I tried to save him I called for help. Suicide is not the answer!!!!! It’s a pity a problem shared isn’t a problem solved anymore it’s a problem gossiped about…… we now live in a world where negativity is like 90%.”

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