[REVEALED] Buhari’s Health Reportedly Deteriorates, Has Difficulty Eating And Drinking

President Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari’s health has deteriorated as he is now being fed intravenously as he has had severe difficulty eating and drinking fluids for several days, SaharaReporters says.

The online media news outfit said this was confirmed by three insiders in the Presidency.

The sources also disclosed that, although President Buhari’s health had held up for a while after his return from an extended medical vacation in the United Kingdom, his condition has deteriorated in the last several weeks.

They said Mr. Buhari’s eating and drinking problems have left him too frail to leave his official residence at Aso Rock Villa to attend any official functions.

Mr. Buhari has been unable to attend the weekly Federal Executive Council (FEC) meeting three weeks in a row.

Last week he also failed to attend the Friday Juma’at prayers because he had to undergo urgent medical treatment that had him confined to a medical room secretly set up inside the residential area of the villa.

President Buhari was also conspicuously absent from the wedding of his influential personal aide, Tunde “Idiagbon” Sabiu in Kaduna.

The wedding, which was attended by political movers and shakers of the Nigerian society, became a scene for curious political power play.

It became clear at the wedding that Vice President Yemi Osinbajo was treated in a different light by opposing political interests present at the wedding.

While some of them showed deference to Mr. Osinbajo, others seemed to pay him scant attention, even to the point of shunning his presence.

SaharaReporters noted that Buhari’s British doctors had sent a medical team to the Villa to attend to him.

However, sources revealed that the medical team advised that the president should immediately return to the United Kingdom to begin what they described as a slow, complex and long-term treatment that could prolong his life.

However, members of the cabal that wields enormous power in the Presidency, have so far frustrated the president’s trip.

However, different sources close to him said, in addition to prostrate issues, Buhari is also dogged by Crohn’s disease, a medical condition that has affected his digestive system.

Various sources have said that Buhari’s Crohn’s disease has had a devastating impact because of the president’s age.

One of the sources knowledgeable about President Buhari’s condition alleged that there was a massive coverup orchestrated by a few aides and cronies of the ailing Nigerian leader to fool the Nigerian public.

“They feel that if he [President Buhari] travels abroad, they will lose the power and influence they wield when he is town,” the source told SaharaReporters.

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