‘Politicians Should Be Made To Curse Themselves And Their Children During Swearing-In Ceremonies’ – MURIC


The Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC), an Islamic group advocating for good governance, has called for a ‘self-cursing mechanism’ during swearing-in ceremonies.

The group said this in a statement released on Monday by the director of the group, Ishaq Akintola.

“Let us introduce self-curse mechanism at swearing-in ceremonies. We must suspend swearing by simply holding the Bible or the Qur’an. It has no effect on them. They are hardened thieves and die hard kleptomaniacs.

“Let an appointee hold the Qur’an or Bible or anything he believes in and curse himself saying, for example, ‘I, Lagbaja the son of akasegbe, if I betray the people’s trust, if I steal in this position, if I abuse my office or if I am unfair to others on ground of religion or ethnicity, let me be put to shame’.

“Let my children end up in the streets like the children of the poor. Let all the known and unknown diseases of this world afflict me and my children, like meningitis, ebola, lassa fever, cholera, etc. Let me sweat without reaping the fruit of my labour…In Allah’s Mighty Name I swear”

It also accused the national assembly of being the stumbling block in the fight against corruption.

“Knowing the slow nature of judicial cases in Nigeria and over-loaded with stolen money, the foot soldiers of corruption have calculated that corruption cases will continue to drag for the next eight years even if Buhari wins a second term. this is why they are feeling comfortable and laughing at the masses.

“Who will misbehave after this kind of swearing-in? Who is the son of a killer of elephants in the presence of a licensed killer of men?” the group asked.

“Politicians will become sober. In fact many of them will retire and only the serious ones will remain in the political arena.

“The vultures in the NASS will go back to their various private businesses, leaving the seats open for young, patriotic and visionary Nigerian

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