[VIDEO] See The Weird Moment Pope Francis Slams Donald Trump’s Hand Away In Public


In a video that has gained more than six million views in less than a day, US President, Donald Trump can be seen getting on the nerve of Pope Francis during a photo session.

Pope Francis and Trump met at the Vatican and spent 30 minutes speaking privately in the library of the Apostolic Palace on May 24. and as the president left, he told the Pope, “I won’t forget what you said.”

Trump, who in the past has criticized the pope, was however excited to visit the Pope with the Fistlady, Melania Trump (who was born a Catholic).

There was however a weird point of the meeting. It was during the photo session.

Trump, in the frenzy of the photo session, tickled the hand of the Pope and attempted to grab the Pope’s hand.

The head of the Catholic church would however have none of it as he slammed Trump’s hand away in what was an embarrassing moment.

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