[VIDEO] This Keeper Should Be Banned From Football! Goalkeeper Stamps Player On The Back After He Dribbled Him

A video of a terrible and unsportsmanlike behaviour by a goalkeeper is currently trending on social media and evoking reactions.

The goalkeeper in question took matters into his hands when one opponent ran circles around him.

In the video, the striker has done well to get past on the defender and only has the keeper to beat.

The keeper tries his best to get the ball from the dribbling striker but the striker pulls off a couple of moves to keep it out of the reach of the keeper but the goalkeeper finally manages to clear the ball off the striker’s feet.

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What the goalkeeper did next is what has left many in shock. He gets up after clearing the ball out for a corner kick and punches the striker.

While the striker is down, the referee issues the keeper a red card but this only seemed to infuriate him the more as he continued his assault on the striker by kicking him on the floor.

Watch Video Below

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