“Reforming SARS Is A Waste Of time” – Protesters Kick Against #SupportSARS

The convener of the #EndSARS campaign, Segun Awosanya, says his group is asking for an “outright scrapping” of the squad.

Awosanya, while speaking at the Unity Fountain in Abuja, on Monday, said any attempt to reform the unit would amount to a waste of time.

“Nigerians have spent the last one week highlighting the travails have suffered in the hands of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS),” he said.

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“The stories that have been recounted on social media include those of torture, lack of respect for the rule of law, extortion, extra-judicial murder and disappearance of hundreds of people.

“These actions are indicative that this unit has outlived its usefulness and now constitute a clear and present threat to the safety, welfare and well being of Nigerians. We make these simple demands – we demand for an outright scrapping of the SARS unit across the country. Its members have become engrossed in crime, extortion and disrespect for the rule of law in a manner that any reform is a waste of time.”

Meanwhile, a group of protesters also marched in support of SARS.

Displaying materials with #SupportSARS, the protesters said the rate of crime would increase in the absence of the police outfit.

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