[VIDEO] Dino Melaye Appears In Music Video Dedicated To Celebrating His Wealthy Lifestyle – Watch Video Here

Senator Dino Melaye is at it again as the controversial Nigerian Senator has appeared in a music video that is going viral online.

The Kogi-born senator appeared in the music video featuring fast cars, dollar bills and his own name on repeat – either celebrating his ostentatious wealth or in a deeply ironic parody.

With “LEGEND” written on his T-shirt, Dino Melaye, who represents Kogi West, appears in the video for which he reportedly provided his house, cars and money.

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“Balling every day like Ronaldinho. Money spending no aristo. Dino, Dino, Dino Melaye,” sings the artist Kach, while talking on a phone that is actually a stack of cash, then lounging on a bed with gold chains around his neck and a woman massaging his shoulders, and finally throwing money out of a Rolls-Royce.

At one point, Kach and friends sit at a dining table pretending to eat hundred dollar bills.

Kach makes afro trap, a hip-hop genre pioneered by MHD, and is the son of Nigeria’s minister of state for petroleum, Ibe Kachikwu.

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Melaye is also the author of Antidotes for Corruption, a book that, according to its cover, tries to “infiltrate the Nigerian psyche and instruct them that this [corruption] is a menace that must be understood and tackled head on”.

At the same time, he has said he will die before he stops supporting Bukola Saraki, Nigeria’s Senate president, who has spent most of his tenure fighting cases of corruption and failure to declare assets.

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It is unclear how Melaye made his money.

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