[VIDEO] Proposal Gone Wrong! Man Rejects Girlfriend’s Marriage Proposal At Shopping Mall

It was not the best of moments for a Nigerian lady as she was left devastated after she made a public proposal to her boyfriend at a shopping mall and got turned down.

In a video that has been widely shared online, the lady can be seen asking some men if they have seen her boyfriend (who was putting on a cap).

Just a moment later, the boyfriend appears and the lady gets on one knee and brings out a ring as the crowd encourages the obviously shocked boyfriend to ‘say Yes”

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The man, while trying to process the whole event, walks up to the lady, manages to drag her up, hugs her and collects the ring.

At this point, people assumed he had accepted only for him to whisper something in her ear and walk away while signalling with his finger that he has rejected the proposal.

See the video below

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