‘Buhari Couldn’t Read Two Pages Of A Book For One Year’ – Junaid Reveals President’s Dangerous Habit Of Not Reading

A second republic lawmaker, Junaid Mohammed, has slammed President Muhammadu Buhari for his ‘dangerous attribute’ of not reading.

The former lawmaker, who was Buhari’s ally, has recalled an experience he observed where the president was unable to finish two pages of a book he recommended to him in 2015.

He said he recommended the book to the president because it had to do with economic matters.

But that the president took the book, wrote GMB (short for General Muhammadu Buhari) “and that was all”.


“I suggested the idea of a think tank to Buhari and he agreed and he put together a think tank with quite a number of formidable brains and started meeting in 2015 until I stopped coming,” he said in an interview with Vanguard.

“I suggested a number of books for all of us to read and those books were procured.

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“One of the books I recommended to Buhari personally, because it has to do with economic matters especially in dealing with the World Bank and the IMF group, was a book written by a Nobel prize laureate in economics, Joseph Stiglitz.

“Buhari took the book and opened it, just wrote GMB on it and that was all. Over a year later when I came I found that Buhari had not read two pages out of that book.”

Mohammed described this as a “very dangerous leadership position”.

He said unlike Buhari, former Presidents Olusegun Obasanjo and Ibrahim Babangida read and listen, and also “go out of their way to get people to come and advise them”.

“Both of them read. I am scared of a leader who does not read and who does not look for experts and I don’t believe any leader no matter how distinguished, who claims and believes that only his own people have all the knowledge in every subject matter in the world; this is a very dangerous attribute Buhari has,” he said.

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Junaid also alleged that the current administration is not sincere about its fight against corruption, describing the fight as a fraud and witch-hunt.

According to him, “the so-called anti-graft war is a fraud meant to persecute only those in opposition who stole money.”

He said the war is being carried out in a way “to protect and defend some others to loot the treasury and go free.”

“You can see that while the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission is pursuing those in the opposition who looted the treasury before the 2015 election, some top officials in the present government who have stolen money are either not arrested and detained or at best investigated,” he said.

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