‘National Assembly May Override President Buhari’s Power To Pass Peace Corps Bill’ – Senator Says

Senator Mao Ohuabunwa (Abia north) has suggested that the National Assembly may override President Buhari’s power should he refuse to sign the Peace Corps of Nigeria bill into law.

The bill was sent to the president for assent after it was passed by the national assembly in July.

Speaking with journalists on Wednesday, Ohuabunwa said there is no reason for the president not to sign the bill.

The senator said those employed by the corps could be trained to gather intelligence that would keep the country safe.

“Speaking to the fact, I don’t really see the president withholding his assent,” he said.

“This is the people’s bill. This is a bill that will create employment for the youth and remember, when we were discussing insecurity, I made an allusion to the fact that, even this young men and women can be trained as intelligent officers like we have seen. Security now has gone beyond machete and guns, we need a lot of intelligence, technology.

“These guys can be trained and I think this is also an avenue to reduce not only employment but even underemployment. I want to believe that the president will jump at this and definitely assent to this bill.”

The senator said if the president refuses to sign the bill, the national assembly may choose to veto it.

“If the contrary happens, there is always a channel of communication, he will send it back to us then we definitely know what to do from there,” he said.

“I don’t want to preempt, but if it is true the president has withheld his assent, then we have our statutory responsibility either to veto or override the president[ial] veto.”

Ohuabunwa added that if the police continue to prevent the corps from using its office, he would bring up the matter in the senate.

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