[PHOTOS] Buhari, Fayose Put Aside Differences As They Shake Hands At Council Of State Meeting

It was not the time for partisan politics or making enemies and President Buhari and Governor Fayose proved this as they shook hands yesterday.

It was a surprise for many when they saw the Ekiti state governor, Ayo Fayose, a very vocal critic of the President, at the council of state meeting that took place at the presidential villa in Aso Rock yesterday.

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What was even more surprising was a photo of President Buhari and Fayose shook hands and posed for pictures.

Those who have been following previous meetings would attest to the fact that Fayose is not a familiar face at the presidential villa.

Fayose in the background...with the red cap
Fayose in the background…with the red cap

In fact, anytime there is a meeting of governors with the president, Fayose is always represented by his deputy.

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So many were surprised to see the outspoken governor, dressed in an Ibo attire, shaking hands with the president.

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