[VIDEO] “This Kind God O, I Never See Before O” – Watch Dino Melaye Sing At Senate Plenary

Senator Dino Melaye seems to be a relieved man at the moment judging by his songs of praise to God during a session at the senate yesterday.

Melaye has been in the news lately especially for the wrong reasons, especially in the past week after he was accused by the police of arming suspects for the purpose of kidnapping and robbery.

However, yesterday, the Kogi police commissioner came out to say that the suspects had escaped from prison on the day they were supposed to be arraigned.

Senator Melaye did not take the issue lightly and saw it as a plot by the police to twist the case seeing they have lost.


Melaye, while speaking on the floor of the Senate, went spiritual by first quoting from the bible

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“Why do the heatens rage and the people imagine vain things, the rulers of this earth have set themselves against the Lord and his anointed…God shall laugh at them in his sour displeasure; that is to say, in derision”, he said.

He ended his submission by saying: “I want to say I give glory to God that we serve a living God.”

He then rounded up by singing: “This kind God o, I never see before o, this kind God o, blessed be your holy name”

Watch Video Below

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