[AUDIO] OAU Professor Caught On Tape Demanding To Have Sex Five Times With Female Student In Other To Pass Her

A lecturer with Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Professor Richard Akindele, is currently embroiled in a scandal as he has been accused of demanding sex with a student in other to pass her.

The professor was caught on tape saying that he would sleep with the student five times as a gratification to upgrade the low mark she scored in a course.

The audio recording of a telephone conversation between the student and the teacher, which is trending on the social media, was obtained by Sahara Reporters.

The conversation began with the student asking the lecturer about his previous demand to pass a particular course he is teaching so as to avoid ‘carrying over’ to another academic year.

In his reply, the lecturer told the student to stop asking him questions and just take the opportunity he had extended to her.

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The student probed the lecturer if he was serious, he replied that she should take the ‘opportunity’ or be prepared to repeat the course next year.

He said, “I gave you an opportunity and you missed it, forget about it. You will do it next year. Me that agreed to do something. I know what I meant.

“If you don’t trust me forget about it. If I wouldn’t do it, why should I give you audience in the first place. If I am not interested in doing it, I won’t give you audience.

“The other person has come and I told her straight away because there is nothing I can do to bail that person out and her mark is even better than your own. The person scored 39 while your own is 33.”

The lecturer then accused the student of having her period the day he demanded sex from her initially. The girl responded that she was really on her period.

She said, “I was really seeing my period Professor Akindele.”

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At this point, the lecturer told her to stop mentioning his name.

He went on to tell the girl his plan was to have sex with her five times before he would pass her, beginning from the next day after the discreetly taped conversation, and then four other times.

Listen To The Audio Below

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