[VIDEO] Nigerian Multi-billionaire, Femi Otedola Boards Public Transport, ‘Molue’ From Sango To Agege – But There’s Something Strange

Until recently, Femi Otedola, a Nigerian multi-billionaire and son of former governor of Lagos state, has lived a very private life but all that has changed recently.

In the past few week, Otedola seems to have come out of his shell – first, getting a social media account and then attending more social gatherings than before.

In a video currently trending on social media, Femi Otedola was seen in a popular public transport in Lagos popularly referred to as ‘Molue’.

Otedola boarded the vehicle going from Sango to Agege in Lagos state

Due to its cheap fare, usually uncomfortable feel, Molue is popularly believed to be used only by the poor in the society but it seem Otedola is trying to pass a message.

In the video, one vendor, seen standing beside Otedola, is marketing her product and showing to interested customers while the billionaire tries to look unconcerned by the woman’s activities.

The strange thing however is that none of the passenger is able to recognize the multi-billionaire despite his somewhat distinct look among the crowd.

On getting to the bus-stop, Otedola alights from the vehicle and goes undisturbed – Some have missed a lifetime opportunity, you may say.

See the video below

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