“We Have Massive Weapons…Don’t Try Anything Foolish” – Donald Trump Tells North Korea Leader, Kim Jong Un After Cancelling Meeting

President of the United States of America, Donald Trump has cancelled a meeting with North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong Un over ‘open hostility’.

In a letter written by Trump to Kim Jong Un, the US president noted that it was “inappropriate” to have the meeting due to “tremendous anger and open hostility” Trump perceived in Kim Jong Un’s latest statement.

Donald Trump Letter

In the letter, Trump warned Kim Jong Un of the United States’ nuclear weapons, “so massive and powerful that I pray to God they will never have to be used” and thanked the North Korean dictator for freeing the American prisoners, “a beautiful gesture.”

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“I have spoken to South Korea and Japan, and they are not only ready should foolish or reckless acts be taken by North Korea, but they are willing to shoulder much of the cost of any financial burden, any of the costs associated by the United States in operations if such an unfortunate situation is forced upon us,” Trump said.

The meeting was scheduled to take place on June 12 but has now been cancelled though Trump has left the door open for a future meet.

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