2018 Budget: “They Reduced Allocation For Security Of Schools And Added Road Projects Instead ” – Buhari Slams National Assembly Over Budget Changes

President Muhammadu Buhari did not hide his displeasure as he slammed the National Assembly for making ‘illogical’ changes to the 2018 budget proposal submitted to it.

President Buhari had submitted the proposal in November 2017 with the hope that the budget would be passed by December/January.

However, delebrations on the budget by the National Assembly extended the time by another six months. By the time the NASS were sending the budget back to Buhari, they had already N508billion deleting some projects and adding some.

Buhari, has however slammed the lawmakers for reducing the allocation for important projects like securing of all Unity schools in the country and funding for the University in the Niger Delta region.

“I am concerned about some of the changes that the National Assembly has made to the budget proposals that I presented,” Buhari said.


He continued: “The provision for security infrastructure in the 104 Unity Schools across the country were cut by 3 billion Naira at a time when securing our students against acts of terrorism ought to be a major concern of government.

“The Take-off Grant for the Maritime University in Delta State, a key strategic initiative of the Federal Government, was cut from 5 billion Naira to 3.4 billion Naira.”

Buhari slammed the Legislators for adding new projects without taking into consideration the ability of the different Ministries to execute such projects.

“About seventy (70) new road projects have been inserted into the budget of the Federal Ministry of Power, Works and Housing…Regrettably, however, in order to make provision for some of the new roads, the amounts allocated to some strategic major roads have been cut by the National Assembly.”

Buhari also took a swipe at NASS for increasing its budget by N14.5bn. He noted that he decided to sign the budget so as not to “further slowdown the pace of recovery of our economy, which has doubtlessly been affected by the delay in passing the budget.”

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