[VIDEO] Plateau Killings: “Rise And Speak Against Jihadists In Power” – Dr. Paul Eneche Says As He Unleashes Judgemental Prayers Against Killers

Dr Paul Eneche of the Dunamis International Gospel Center, Abuja, has called on all Nigerians to rise and speak against the killings going on in Nigeria.

Eneche was speaking during a prayer meeting at the Church in Abuja when he called on Clergymen to join in calling the government to put an end to the killings in Nigeria.

Days ago, over 86 people were killed in Plateau state after suspected Herdsmen attacked a village.


Speaking about the incident, Eneche prayed against the people perpetrating evil in the country by unleashing God’s judgement upon them.

“There are some agents of the devil in this nation who want this country to remain permanently in sorrow. Some of them are in power, some of them are in the security forces…By the acts and power of God, they shall be buried.”. Eneche said.

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He continued: “I have bad news for every Jihadist in power…whether you are from Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen; wherever your conspiracy is from…I am here to announce you came too late.”

He also kicked against recent judgement where some farmers were sentenced to death for killing some herdsmen.

“Everybody who is a lover of freedom in Nigeria, rise and speak, rise and act. Where an agent of the devil can sit on the judgement seat and sentence five people to death for killing a terrorist on their Father’s land. People who defended themselves.

“I want to know how many people have been arrested so far for killing two Reverend Fathers, and the number of parishioners killed.

“Every lover of freedom, clergymen, whether of any religion, if you hate what is happening, speak out”

Finally, the reverred Man of God took a swipe at activist for their silence over the Plateau incident.

“We are looking to hear the voices of activists…In the previous administration, tiny things, they will all rise at the Eagles square…where are you now? I am a Pastor otherwise I will have called you name by name now.

“Everybody has been intimidated into silence, some charmed into irrelevance. Blood is flowing like water, everybody is mute. People are dying like flies.”

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