Arsenal Ambassador, Esha Gupta Apologizes After Comments Comparing Alex Iwobi To A Gorilla

Iwobi and Esha Gupta

Bollywood star Esha Gupta has apologised after she shared comments that compared Arsenal winger Alex Iwobi to a gorilla.

Gupta, who is an Arsenal club ambassador, has claimed she did not know the comments were racist but irate fans have called on the Gunners to take action.

The actor, 33, posted a screenshot of a WhatsApp conversation with Varun_Gupta17 to her 3.4million Instagram followers.

In the image, she received messages which read: “Solves our winger issues. I can’t see that gorilla faced Iwobi running down the flank again. He’s so bad ya.”

Gupta replied: “Hahahahahaha I honestly dunno why they don’t bench him more.”

Varun_Gupta17 then responded: “It’s like evolution stopped for him. Didn’t change from Neanderthal to man.”

The post was quickly deleted from her profile but furious fans had already taken a screenshot and called her out for the racist remarks.

Gupta responded to the furore on Twitter as she said: “Guys I’m sorry you thought it was racist. Was bad on my part, being a sports lover.

“Wallah never meant it. Sorry guys forgive the stupidity.”
UK Mirror

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