Election Violence: “Nigeria Is Still Dark, Primitive And Uncivilized” – Speaker Yakubu Dogara


Speaker of the House Of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara has berated the violence that accompanied the 2019 election in Nigeria, saying the country is still stuck in the dark ages.

Dogara spoke in reaction to the news of the death of Temitope Olatoye, a colleague who was shot to death in Oyo state.

Olatoye, popularly referred to as Sugar, was reportedly assassinated by political thugs of a rival politician.

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Reacting to Olatoye’s death, Speaker Dogara wrote:

“I received with shock, the sad and distressing news of the assassination of my brother and colleague, Hon. Olatoye Temitope Sugar, in Oyo State today. The murder of Hon Sugar in election violence today is primitive, wicked, inhumane, barbaric and highly condemnable.

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“He was a fine gentleman, committed patriot, dedicated, hardworking lawmaker and worthy representative of his people. We mourn him and all those whose lives were cut short by forces of evil and soulless men.

“Our heartfelt condolences to their families. We pray for speedy recovery for all those injured. Elections are not war and should never be, they are and should be for service to God and country and not conquest with the barrel of the gun. The rate of killings, thuggery, ballot snatching, voter suppression and other forms of electoral malpractices -some aided and abetted by security agencies- in these elections portend great danger to our democracy and the survival of the Nigerian nation, since the will of the people as expressed in the ballot does not always count. It is unbelievable that 20 years after return to civilian

“Nigeria is still stuck in the dark, primitive and uncivilized age where elections are seen as war and a do-or-die affair. The killers of Hon Sugar and all those who lost their lives in election-related violence must be brought to book”.

1 thought on “Election Violence: “Nigeria Is Still Dark, Primitive And Uncivilized” – Speaker Yakubu Dogara

  1. The effects of the Agbero politics played in Nigeria. A true reflection of how well the law makers have performed in civilizing or not civilizing Nigerians. The remaining four fingers are pointing to malfunctioning of the institutions , including the one you’re heading. Election rigging is the foundation of Agbero politics. One can’t plant cocoyam and expect to harvest yam.

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