“CUPP, Opposition Leaders Had Negotiated Billions With Atiku & I Didn’t Know” – Presidential Candidate, Eunice Atuejide

Eunice Atuejide

The presidential candidate of the National Interest Party (NIP), Eunice Atuejide, has said that opposition political parties negotiated for Billions with Atiku Abubakar.

Atuejide, who is a vocal critic of President Muhammadu Buhari and a supporter of Atiku, said she was naive.

She noted that she thought people accusing her of collecting money from the PDP presidential candidate were doing so out of hate only to find out that other political party leaders had negotiated huge sums of money with Atiku.

Writing on her Instagram page, she said:

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“So guys, now that the elections are over, lemme tell you some of the things that actually happened.

“So, those of us who already read my book #TheGirlWhoSaidICan know about the formation of the National Interest Party (NIP) and how the disappointment we experienced with the alternative candidates particularly Omoyele #Sowore @yelesho led me to contest for the Presidency and NIP to join the #CUPP.

“What we don’t know however is that we at NIP were innocently following our hearts to a union of political party leaders desperate to see the back of Buhari @muhammadubuhari and his #APC @officialapcng goons. It wasn’t about money for us at all!

“The gist sha:

“You see ehn, I used to think those people accusing me and the leadership of NIP of selling out and collecting money from Atiku @aatiku and PDP @officialpdpnigeria were sick in the head. For me, it wasn’t even fathomable that anyone would do any part of their political activities because of financial inducements.

“So, me and my people carried on, invested our time, brains, energy, and over N145 million of our personal funds to set up NIP, race for the #Presidency and in the end mobilise for #Atiku so he could at least get rid of Buhari for us. We were very serious about our #BuhariMustGo agenda – and we still are!

“Anyway, the interesting thing is that we did not even realise we were on our own, or that the other members of the CUPP thought we were mad investing like that in politics!

“The thing is, apart from me, all the political party leaders within the CUPP indeed expected money from Atiku and #PDP! In fact, they apparently negotiated for money which sums I cannot even mention here, but trust me guys, for 51 political parties each, we’re talking #BILLIONS here. But, for some reason, PDP did not deliver. So, most of the CUPP parties didn’t even bother to mobilise for #Atiku, so his margins of wins were really small making it so much easier for #Buhari to rig him out.

“It’s also why you didn’t see organised #protests after the results were declared. The CUPP guys who would have led the protests, still refused to move an inch, unless and until #PDP brought the promised money.

“Anyway, ours was a very loose coalition with the CUPP! In fact, we left the union when without due process, #Atiku was endorsed as the coalition candidate. We debated at our NEC and narrowly passed the motion to leave. Several of our own executives knew/expected that #PDP would share money.

“I tell you guys, I am the most naive little Princess to ever land at the very top of the Nigerian political terrain. I too believe pipo….🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣!

“No wonder my own people tried to oust me last year. They were 100% sure I’d collected money from the PDP. It was unthinkable to them that NIP could join a union clearly set up to “WORK FOR PDP” and not demand for or get money for it.

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“Well, Eunice Atuejide believed every word she was told! I believed when they said we were equal partners in the quest for power. That we were coming together to fight the irk in our society. That any of us could emerge the #consensus candidate, and the rest would back whoever emerged – even if not the PDP #candidate…all lies! 😅

“But, I have absolutely no regrets!

“In fact, given the same indices again, I would do the exact same things!

“I felt bad for my #CUPP colleagues when I discovered they were truly heartbroken about not getting their promised #BILLIONS from Atiku @aatiku and PDP. But, I also felt proud of myself and my team members that we fought unflinchingly for a cause we ABSOLUTELY believed in. We put in ALL we had to send #Buhari back to Daura and even though we got seriously battered in the arena, we’re so proud and happy with ourselves.

“We’re who we were b4 walking into the mud with these guys. We took our seats on this very powerful table and we did so on our terms! We’re nobody’s mouthpiece, and we’re not on anyone’s payroll. We’re our own people and we’re in this political arena to fight for what we believe, and to eventually take over!

“So guys, yes they share plenty money to parties and persons who support the big wigs. So, yes Buhari definitely shared money to those party leaders and aspirants who supported him. But Atiku didn’t/couldn’t give to those of us who backed him.

“And it’s perfect like that! “

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