[VIDEO] Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Malawi Left In Mourning As Cyclone Idai Leaves Thousands Dead, Country Flooded


Many around Africa have joined their voices in praying and calling for help for Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi following the disaster that has rocked the countries as a result of the Cyclone Idai.

Mozambican President Filipe Nyusi believes the death toll from Cyclone Idai is going to balloon once the flooding recedes with as many as 600-1000 people reported dead.

Nyusi flew over some of the worst hit areas in a helicopter and was shocked at the devastation. The tropical cyclone has already claimed hundreds of lives in southern Africa and affected 1.5 million people.

“The waters of the Pungue and Buzi rivers overflowed, making whole villages disappear and isolating communities, and bodies are floating,” he told state Radio Mozambique.

“It is a real disaster of great proportions. It appears that we can register more than 1000 deaths.”

The coastal city of Beira – home to over 500 000 people, was particularly badly hit, as Gerald Bourke from the UN’s World Food Programme reports.

“No building is untouched,” he said.

“There is no power. There is no telecommunications. The streets are littered with fallen electricity lines. The roofs on so many houses have fallen in, likewise the walls. A lot of people in the city have lost their homes.”

Reports revealed that 90% of the city was damaged or destroyed, while all the roads leading into the city cut off, making it difficult to help those in need. Beira’s hospital has partly collapsed as well as being flooded and without power.

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