[OPINION] Buhari: A Public Servant On A Private Visit To The UK – By Ademola Adeoye


The first time President Buhari left for the United Kingdom for medical treatment; those who are being paid to speak for him did not want Nigerians to know, as if PMB is a tin-god who cannot take ill.

As far as they were concerned, Nigerians did not deserve to know, but when “baba” returned from the first long trip to the UK that did cost Nigerians about 104 days (and till now, how much was spent on him in the UK is still a mystery), PMB uncovered the nakedness of those who are being paid to speak for him, saying that he had never been that sick in his life. Since that time, I stopped listening to those—who speak for President Buhari, because they have completely betrayed my trust. They are being paid to speak for Mr. President, not to either fool or misinform Nigerians.

Nigerians are being led same way in every Administration. It is always the more you look, the less you see. I remember when madam Patience Jonathan took ill and was flown abroad, those who were paid to speak for her husband told Nigerians a lie that she did not take ill, but when she returned to the country, the woman herself told our precious people that she was terribly sick. The question is; how can our people trust those who daily lie to them? Or is falsehood a component of integrity and being law-abiding?

When President Buhari took over power from Dr. Ebele Goodluck Jonathan, he was advised to restore the lost public-trust by ensuring there is a departure from the way those before him did run their lackluster, bland and uninspiring administrations, running a transparent government, but since he got to power about four (4) years ago, he too has been maintaining the status-quo, rubbishing the given advise.

Backtracking a little, on the 7th of May, 2017, PMB did transmit a letter to the National Assembly, telling them that the vice President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo would “coordinate the activities of the government” in his absence. This was quite different from the first letter he transmitted same year in the month of January—when he wrote the National Assembly that the vice President—would “perform the duties of my office” while he was away. The reason behind the veil of the way the second letter that was sent to the Senate was written—is shrouded in secrecy till this moment. Time and space would fail me, mentioning some of the things Osinbajo did while he was away (in the UK) that he did reverse when he returned to “Aso Rock.” In Nigeria, the baton of power is never truly passed on, the President travels with it to anywhere he goes to even if he is going to be there for three (3) years!

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The two previous letters that were sent to the Senate were made public, but on the current private visit to the UK, I challenge anyone who has seen the letter that was transmitted to the Senate to make it public. And I equally challenge anyone who has the evidence of PMB’s official handing down the sword of power to Professor Yemi Osinbajo—to make the document public. It is safe to conclude that Mr. President did not do the right thing before traveling out of Nigeria for an unknown reason. What an illegitimate trip!

I never expected PMB to leave Nigeria for the UK on a private visit at such a time as this. No one, who truly loves his people, would leave the country (for an unknown reason) at a time they are being killed and abducted on a daily basis. If it is for medical treatment, Nigeria is rich enough to fly those who are attending to him into Nigeria, for him to be treated on the inside of Aso Rock.

It is morally and legally incorrect for a public servant to leave Nigeria for the UK on a private visit. Those who are still as water and quiet now would have taken GEJ on if he were in power now, disrespecting and trivializing the people of Nigeria and our constitution. Did President Buhari fly to the UK using a private aircraft or one of the aircraft bought and being maintained by Nigerians? Where is he staying in the UK? A private residence or the house bought and being maintained by Nigerians? No one is asking questions and fighting for what is right anymore, because those who are superior to the constitution of Nigeria are in power right now. Keep the show of shame on!

Entertainingly and drolly, it is not a twist of fate and quirk that Tinubu, Adams Oshiomhole, Babajide Sanwo-Olu and others are also in the UK on private visits! Beyond “baba” being in the UK probably for the usual medical treatment, I guess they are all in the UK—our real Federal Capital Territory—for a crucial political-meeting. I guess “baba” is compiling the list of those who would play in the second-half of his unimpressive administration. And I foresee that most of those who have been speaking blindly for “baba” because of appointments are going to become his duplicitous and phony enemies—when they eventually fail to make Buhari’s team that has no laurels to its credit like a foreign football club I do not want to mention. To make PMB’s final “tokunbo” list, it is either you go to the UK on a private visit or someone goes there on your behalf. Interesting days are ahead.

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