Five Soldiers Killed, 30 Others Missing As Boko Haram Attacks Army Base

Boko Haram

At least five Nigerian soldiers were killed and some 30 are missing three days after Boko Haram jihadist overran an army base, security sources said on Monday.

Gunmen from the Islamic State West Africa Province, the IS-linked faction of Boko Haram, attacked the base in Nigeria’s northeastern Borno state on Friday.

“We have recovered five bodies of soldiers who paid the supreme price fighting the terrorists,” a military officer told AFP, giving the first reports of casualty numbers.

“Search and rescue teams are still looking for around 30 more soldiers who have gone missing since the attack,” the officer added.

ISWAP fighters on Friday launched an assault on the base at Mararrabar Kimba, 135 kilometres (85 miles) from the state capital Maiduguri.

The fighters, reportedly driving over a dozen pickup trucks with heavy machine guns welded onto the back, were accompanied by three armoured personnel carriers and flanked by a fleet of gunmen firing from motorbikes.

Some soldiers scattered into the bush to escape.

A second officer confirmed the toll of five dead.

“There are high hopes the missing soldiers will be found — or will find their way back,” he added. “We are not thinking of the worst scenario.”

There was no immediate official response from the army.

The decade-long jihadist conflict has killed tens of thousands of people and forced millions from their homes.

The violence has spread to neighbouring Niger, Chad and Cameroon, prompting a regional military coalition against the jihadists.

In recent weeks, coalition forces involving Nigeria, Chad and Cameroon have been pounding insurgent hideouts in the Lake Chad areas with airstrikes, as well as launching ground assaults.

The ISWAP faction split from the main Boko Haram group in 2016, but there are reports the two groups might be merging back together.

Nigerian army chief Lieutenant-General Tukur Buratai last week warned of an ISWAP-Boko Haram alliance to carve out a jihadist enclave stretching from Nigeria’s northeast into the wider Lake Chad region.


1 thought on “Five Soldiers Killed, 30 Others Missing As Boko Haram Attacks Army Base

  1. Even thoigh Boko Haram flags are no longer hoisted in any northern states of the northeast, I think we have lost too much of our sons and daughters (soldiers). Collectively as a nation and very strong and decisive regional strenght pulled together and paratroopppers droppped every nook and cranny and masive deployment of tropes, when I mean massive, I mean massive in real sense of the word and in a matter of weeks the war is over. But the poresent operational strategy of of Army locations or Camps makes soldiers easy targets. While maintining military camps for logistics reasons, massive deployment of tanks and troops and strategic masive air support is the answer to achieving quick victory and bringing an end to insurgency in the northeast. We as citizens are tired of same story: 5 killed 30 missing, 100 killd so much missing,, school girls abducted, suicide bombers having their way, this has to stop!. We cant go on like this forever. The victory of winning the war is for Nigerians no matter who the President is. So right now it is President Buhari that is on sit, so lets give him masive support irrespoective of our political affiliations and tribe or kindred. God bless Nigeria. Let us collectively in every state of the federation shout it on the roof tops by placards and through radio and tv noise it abroad that we need global support to to an end to boko H and ISWAP. It is high time this war is brought to an END: GOD PROTECT OUR TROOPS AND GIVE THEM THE WISDOM TO END THIS WAR. DR. TIMI J FINAMA

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