11 Year-Old Boy And His Rescuer Swept Away To Death In Lagos Flood


An unidentified 11-year-old boy alongside one Wasiu, who was trying to rescue him, was swept away by a flood in the Aboru, Alimosho local government in Lagos on Saturday.

The NAN correspondent, who visited the scene of the accident, gathered that two young boys who were sent by their parents to buy cooking gas at a gas station unknowingly fell into a drain through which water passed into the canal.

“Three young men attempted rescuing the boys and succeeded in rescuing the older one, but one of the rescuers popularly known as Wasiu Stubborn was swept away while trying to rescue the other victim,” a witness told the NAN.

Speaking to NAN at the scene, Solomon Agboghoroma, a community development association leader in Oki town, said: “This rain started almost four or five days ago but the one of last night was one of the heaviest and it started at about 2:15 am and by 3:15am, it came with full force and everywhere was flooded.

“At about 7:30 am or 8:00am, we learnt that an OPC member, who was a security guard in one of the gas stations here was carried away by flood while trying to rescue two children who came to buy gas but fell into the drain.

“The gas station had not opened because of the flood as the whole place including the canal had overflowed its banks.

“The children misplaced their legs and the two of them fell inside the gutter. This OPC boy went and rescued one but in the process of rescuing the second child, he and the boy fell into the canal and that was the end.”

He blamed the government for the tragedy, saying that several petitions had been written to successive governments in the state from the time of former Governor Babatunde Fashola to the Akinwunmi Ambode administration.

“People have been dying in situations like this here and all landlords have tried, including raising almost N4 million for dredging of the canal,” he said.

“The government knows what to do when it is ready because this canal contract was award sometime in 2011 or 2012. When we taxed ourselves, Fashola came and commended us and promised palliative and government takeover.

“The government should come and do the bridge as against this culvert that is here. This flat culvert cannot contain water. The government should widen this road and ensure the canal is dug for the peace and safety of residents.”

Suleiman Adedokun, an eye witness and a shop owner beside the canal, told NAN that the rescuer, named Wasiu Stubborn, entered the drain to rescue the boy but the flood swept both of them away into the canal.

“Wasiu tried, succeeded in catching the second boy but his effort to come out of the drain proved futile as it was not easy for him due to the force of the water,” Adedokun said.

“It is the bad road and narrow culvert that caused these deaths because these two children that fell inside the drain didn’t know it was there as water covered everywhere.”

An officer of the Lagos State Neighborhood Safety Corps (LSNC), who spoke on condition of anonymity, said that the agency got the information at about 9:00 am that flood carried away one Mr Wasiu a.k.a Stubborn while trying to rescue two children.

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