[VIDEO] Body Enhancement: “There’s Nowhere In The Bible That Says Plastic Surgery Is Wrong…” – Pastor Tony Rapu

The Senior Pastor of This Present House (House Of Freedom), Tony Rapu, has said that plastic surgery is not bad as erroneously believed in some quarters.

The pastor, who is also a medical expert, took to his Instagram page to share his perception on the controversial issue.

Plastic surgery is a medical term involving partial or complete restoration, reconstruction, or alteration of the human body. The two major forms of plastic surgery are reconstructive surgery and cosmetic surgery.

It has remained a controversial issue, with many often interpreting the practice through religious and moral lens.

But offering his own perspective on the issue, Rapu, clad in a medical apparel and seated in what looked like a threatre, explained that the motive for undergoing a plastic surgery is what counts.

According to him, people can undertake plastic surgeries to correct perceived deformities in their body which stifles healthy living.

“The Bible is silent about plastic surgery, and there is really nothing in it that tells us it is wrong. So, there has to be other considerations. If a person is very conscious about a deformity or physical aspect of his or her body that is causing them some emotional discomfort, then cosmetic surgery is certainly an option,” he said.


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“There are women who had mastectomies and have had to have breast implants and we know many many people who have benefitted from surgeries, especially when such is non-invasive and where side effects are minimal. There is really nothing wrong with enhancing the quality of a person’s life by surgery, especially when the person is able to breathe better, walk better or talk better.”

He however, cautioned against opting for plastic surgery to appear physically attractive or acceptable by particular group of people in the society.

“If surgery is for sexual attractiveness, simply because you want to be found more sexually attractive, then perhaps you are dealing with a deeper issue in terms of esteem, that surgery would probably never be able to satisfy,” he said.

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