[VIDEO] “Stop Shaking Your Head, You’re Fake…You’re A Very Small Boy” – Wike Embarrasses Rivers High Chief


Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers state had some choice words for some traditional rulers in his state recently but one Traditional ruler/High Chief was at the receiving end of most of it.

Wike was addressing the traditional rulers in the state when he spotted a particular Traditional ruler who he, seemingly, was not pleased with.

The governor then came down heavily on the Traditional ruler, leaving the man quite embarrassed as a result.

While addressing the traditional rulers in the state, Wike said:

“This is the first time I’m saying this to let you know the implication; what it means. It is not for you to take it and go keep it in your bedroom, or put it in your shrine (for those of you who worship in various shrines). It is for official functions; when you’re coming, you come with it. That differentiates you with (sic) any other ‘ordinary’ Chief.

“Like he said, some people are answering ‘Royal Highnesses’ and are not recognized by the government but you’re also carrying ‘ordinary’ walking stick that is meant for other people who are not recognized by government. You must show good example.

“We will propose a bill to the state House of Assembly. If you’re not a government recognized traditional ruler, you cannot answer “your royal highness”.

At this point, the traditional rulers started clapping at the new development but Wike quickly interjected:

“Stop clapping, you’re being selfish, stop clapping….It is something that should be done…It is not because of you…”

It was at this point that the governor spotted the Traditional ruler in question and then started raining choice words on him:

“Stop shaking your head!You, You (points at the Chief), stop shaking your head. You’re one of those causing problem. They gave you Chieftaincy, a young boy so you don’t know what to do with it and then when I’m speaking, you’re shaking your head. All fake, fake, fake.”

“You will think he’s an elderly person; very small, young man. I knew him when I was in school, he was running about, running errands. Now he’s wearing Usman Dan Fodio…that he’ll use to breach protocol.”

“He thinks that when he’s shaking his head, I’ll be happy. That’s fake, all fake!”

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