[VIDEO] “Calling Yourself Black Means You Have No Light And Direction” – Pastor Chris Oyakhilome #BlackLivesMatter

Chris Oyakhilome

The founder and Senior Pastor of Believers’ Loveworld, popularly known as Christ Embassy, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has slammed those who refer to themselves as black, saying they do not know what the word means.

Speaking during a television broadcast, Oyakhilome lambasted Africans who refer to themselves as ‘Black’, saying that they have no knowledge.

He also took a swipe at those organizing and supporting the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement.

“Those of you that say ‘Black Lives Matter’, i feel sorry for you. Do you really believe you have a black live? Do you want me to read to you the meaning of black?

“Who called you Black? Shouldn’t you have rejected that from the beginning? A contradiction; a bundle of contradiction. You refuse negro and nigga but that’s what black is. So you took the English version.

“…do you know the meaning of black? Black means the absence of colour, absence of good, absence of light, absence of direction; that’s the meaning of black.

“Black is not a colour, it is the absence of colour”

Pastor Oyakhilome has been in the news recently especially given his stance on the closing of churches during the Covid-19 period as well as the controversies surrounding ‘5G’.

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